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Gluteal and pectoral augmentation

Gluteal and pectoral augmentation

If you want to remodel your pectorals or glutes

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Two procedures that men request of us at the Instituto Pérez de la Romana to improve their body are augmentations of pectoral and gluteal muscles.


Both procedures can be performed using specific silicone prostheses.

Pectoral prostheses are in the thorax introduced through an incision on the side of the axilla and silicone prostheses that resemble the pectoral muscle are inserted.

This technique can also be performed only with fat grafts or lipofilling, using the patient's own fat, where there is enough such as the abdomen and hips. On other occasions a combination of techniques is used, using prostheses (which are not very large) to prevent an artificial appearance and infiltration of fat around the edges of the prosthesis so that it looks much more natural.


The same is also true of gluteal surgery, which is in ever-greater demand and consists of the insertion of silicon gluteal prosthesis through an incision in the intergluteal fold. Prostheses are inserted in the gluteal muscle, the aim being to remodel the whole gluteal region. This procedure can also be carried out using lipofilling or as part of a combination with prostheses to improve the appearance of the area being operated on.


At the Instituto Perez de la Romana, we believe that men have the same possibilities as women when it comes to improving certain parts of their face and body, in a constant effort to lift their self-esteem and find happiness.

Real-life cases - Dr. Perez de la Romana

Before-and-after photographs of real-life gluteal augmentations

Click on the buttons to see the before-and-after comparison.


What type of anesthetic is needed for these procedures?

Epidural anesthetic is usually used for gluteal augmentation. For pectoral augmentation procedures, local anesthetic and sedation are used.

Should I remain at the clinic after the procedure?

Patients should normally remain at the clinic for 24 hours.

When will I be able to return to work?

While this depends on your occupation, patients can resume their normal routine after fifteen days.

When will I be able to exercise or go back to the gym?

You can start to do mild exercise one month after the procedure..

How will I have to sleep after the surgery?

After gluteal augmentation, you should sleep for one week face down and both sides. Following pectoral augmentation, you should sleep on your back.

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