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Breast elevation (mastopexy)

Breast elevation (mastopexy)

The sagging breast is returned to its original position, giving the breast a beautiful and young appearance

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Elevación de pecho (Mastopexia) Apariencia más agradable y joven

We lift sagging breasts through mastoplexy.

The lifting of the breast, which is also known as mastopexy, is a procedure carried out to lift a breast that is sagging or which has lost its shape due to the passage of time, weight loss or pregnancy.

With or without prosthesis

In certain cases where the mammary gland has sufficient volume, it will only be necessary to lift the breast and attach it to a higher position. However, often we have to increase the volume of the breast with the own fat of the patient or with the placement of a prosthesis in the same lifting of the breast.

Less scarring

There have been great improvements in this procedure in recent times, and the resulting scarring of breast elevation procedures has been reduced.

En el momento actual solamente hacemos una cicatriz circular en la areola, pero cuando sobra mucha piel o están las mamas muy caídas realizamos otra cicatriz vertical, que con el paso del tiempo será prácticamente imperceptible.

A safe procedure with very good results

With careful handling of the tissue and inserting the prosthesis underneath the pectoral muscle, we ensure that the breast is always in line with its upper section. The prosthesis is protected by the muscle, which will prevent it from falling, and we remove the sagging lower part of the gland and skin. This is the main advantage of our technique: previously, we would only lift the gland, which would sag again.

At the moment, we completely and permanently correct the sagging of the breast by removing the bottom of the breast and keeping packed the upper pole with the prosthesis, resulting in a perfect breast lift.

Post-operative period

The patient must wear a compression band for a week, and will then wear a bra for one month. The patient will be able to resume their normal routine within a week.

Real-life cases - Dr. Perez de la Romana

Before-and-after photographs of real-life cases of breast lifts

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Elevacion de Pecho


When can I have a breast lift?

You will be able to have a breast lift whenever your breasts sag, whether you have had children or not. However, it is recommended that you have the procedure done after you have turned 18 and, in particular, after you have had children and are no longer breastfeeding.

I have always had small breasts and after breastfeeding, my breasts now have no shape and sag. What can I do?

Mastopexy, or the lifting of the breasts, is the ideal procedure whenever the breast is sagging, whether or not it is large or small. However, if the breast is small the breast will not only have to be lifted but also enhanced with a prosthesis. This will lead to a much better result.

What scarring does this procedure leave?

At present we only create one scar, a circular scar in the areola. However, when there is a lot of excess skin or the breast sags a lot we create another vertical scar, which, over time, becomes virtually unnoticeable.

How long does the result last?

Usually the results are long-lasting, especially when we put a prosthesis in place and it is almost entirely under the muscle, because the upper pole of the breast is always filled out. On other occasions, we also insert fat to help fill the emptiest parts of the breast.

Should I stop smoking before having the procedure?

Yes, we normally recommend patients stop smoking fifteen days before the procedure, as it affects blood circulation.

When will I be able to resume my employment?

After one or two weeks, depending on your type of work.

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