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Facelifts for men

Facelifts for men

Male face rejuvenation

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Erase the signs of aging

The passage of time causes facial tissue to droop, in particular on the neck and on the corners of the jaw.

These areas are rejuvenated using two techniques: the facelift and facial lipofilling.

The stretching of the face is called a facelift. When we also rejuvenate the neck, the procedure is called a cervical facelift.


Recent anatomical studies have shown that over time fat in the face tends to atrophy, helping the skin detach more easily from face. As a result, the treatment has two objectives: to lift drooping tissue (skin and muscle) and to fill out the face to give it a much more youthful appearance. This procedure is called a 3D facelift or lipolifting, as it corrects the face in three dimensions.


The procedure is performed with sedation and infiltration with local anesthetic for the whole face.

We obtain the fat to be prepared for infiltration through liposuction on the abdomen and hips.

The facial tissue we wish to lift will be lifted through incisions around the ears. Fat will then be infiltrated into all areas to be filled in.

The scars that this procedure leaves are undetectable.

Through this procedure, you will get a real masculine facial rejuvenation.

Rapid recovery

The patient is admitted to the clinic for 24 hours. They can then resume their normal routine after fifteen days.

The outcome of the procedure is monitored after one week, two weeks and one month. Lymphatic drainage massages must be performed both on the face and in the areas from where fat is removed.


Lipofilling or fat grafting is not necessary in all cases: in some cases a facelift is sufficient, depending on the age and deterioration of the patient. It is important to note that in all cases, whether they be minor or more serious, the result of the facelift in men is always spectacular and the patient is given a great boost by the rejuvenated appearance of his face.


Once very important area for liposuction in men is the double chin, given that the accumulation of fat in this area ages the face considerably. The accumulation of fat in the double chin also causes the skin in this area to droop andproduces an unaesthetic effect that gives the face the appearance of aging. This part of the face is treated using a very simple procedure: performing a liposuction through two small incisions behind the ears and removing all fat in this area and later, depending on the extent of dropping skin on the neck, perform a cervical tightening called cervicoplasty. This procedure is performed using local anesthetic and sedation, eliminating excess skin from behind the ears and tightening up the muscles in the neck to leave it fully rejuvenated.

Real-life cases - Dr. Perez de la Romana

Before-and-after photographs of real-life facelifts in men

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What type of anesthetic is used in facelift procedures?

Facelifts and cervical facelifts are performed using local anesthetic and sedation. Sedation consists of the administration of a sedative that indices a state of tranquility and even physiological tiredness in the patient, who does not feel any type of pain as a result of the sedative. Recovery is swift and the patient does not tend to vomit.

Should I remain at the clinic after a facelift?

Yes, it is advisable to remain at rest for 24 hours with the head elevated, to avoid bruising and to monitor the change.

How long does the result of the facelift last?

This varies from one person to another, depending on the quality of tissue and the facelift technique used. Usually, the result lasts between 7 and 10 years.

How long should I remain off work after the procedure?

Depending on the technique used and the extent of the facelift, the recovery time will be between 2 and 4 weeks.

If the facelift is performed on a single area such as the neck, recovery can be complete within two weeks with the help of lymphatic drainage massages. But in the case of a full cervical facelift with the associated lipofilling facelift, recovery will take 3-4 weeks.

However, the post-operative period is not painful and the patient will be able to resume their day-to-day activities from the second day after the procedure.

When will I be able to resume sporting activities after the facelift?

Post-operative recovery is a gradual process: patients can usually resume their sports activities within one month.

What is the best age at which to have a facelift for the first time?

There is no particular age: some people age faster than others, depending on the characteristics of the skin and other tissue.

Facelifts should be performed when there are signs of looseness in the face or neck and jawline has been lost. What we recommend is that the procedure be done before the signs of aging are very evident and the skin still retains its elasticity. A good time to consult on this decision is from the age of 40.

Is it a painful procedure?

The post-operative period of the facelift is not painful. In the first few days you may feel discomfort and a feeling of tightness in the areas operated on; this discomfort can be easily controlled with analgesics we recommend. Numbness and a loss of sensation in the areas close to the scars is also normal. However, feeling will gradually return to these areas.

It would be advisable to follow the recommendations regarding the position of the neck and head in bed, as well as other instructions that we give you.

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