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Post-bariatric surgery

Post-bariatric surgery

Anyone who has lost large amounts of weight, whether through diet or surgical methods, usually has sagging skin that can affect their daily lives.

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Post-bariatric surgery

To achieve the right body contour, there is now a surgical technique called "body remodeling". This technique involves the remodeling of the different parts of the body that sag, removing excess tissue and restoring the firmness and aesthetic harmony of the silhouette.

At the Instituto Pérez de la Romana, we divide this "body remodeling" procedure into 3 stages:


Lower, where the abdomen, back, thighs and gluteal muscles are corrected.


Upper, where the chest, the breasts and the arms are corrected.


Finally, the facelift and neck if necessary, according to each patient.

Each procedure is performed under general anesthetic with an approximate interval of 3 months between each of them. Therefore, a body remodeled if the patient needs it within 6 months, obtaining excellent results.

Real-life cases - Dr. Perez de la Romana

Photographs before and after real-life cases of post-bariatric surgery

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I have lost a lot of weight and various parts of my body sag. How can I fix the problem?

You should wait until your weight is stable and have maintained your weight for at least one year.

Then visit our Institute so that we can assess the areas that we must correct.

I have sagging skin on the thighs, abdomen, breasts and arms. Can I correct it all at once?

No, it is safer for your health to have it all done in two separate procedures, which is what we recommend in our Institute, in order to reduce the post-operative period. In the first procedure the abdomen, gluteal muscles and arms would be corrected, while the thighs and breasts would be corrected in the second procedure.

I have sagging skin in the pubic area. Can this be solved?

At the Instituto Pérez de la Romana, whenever we correct the abdomen we meticulously observe the pubis as a matter of routine and recommend the patient perform reduce and lift the pubis.

How long after these procedures should I remain at the clinic?

The patient usually spends one or two days at the clinic, depending on the degree of each patient's recovery.

How long should I remain off work?

These procedures require a recovery period of fifteen days.

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