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Breast Asymetry – Institute Perez de la Romana

Very frequently during medical consultation in the Institute Perez de la Romana it is possible to observe patients with the breasts of different sizes. This breast asymmetry can be simple and practically imperceptible or very noticeable. The reason of breast asymmetry can be an alteration in the development of the breasts which is caused by excess or defect. The result is that one of the breasts has size breasts and this problem may cause great discomfort for the patient especially when one dresses and even when one shows one’s nude body.

This anomaly is quite among young women who are psychologically affected, especially when they go out and dress appropriately.

The anatomical diagnostics of these patients is essential and should be done from radiological point of view and from the point of physical examination.

There is a huge variation of deformities, sometimes only one breast is hypertrophied or both breasts can be hypertrophied but in different ways, or it may be an over-development of one breast and a lack of development of other. Also such well known alteration process as It can also occurs alteration process which is known as tubular or tuberous breasts when the breast tissue is minimal and areola and nipple are enlarged.

All these various types of asymmetrical breasts can be corrected by surgical treatment which produces good results. It is very important to make a good analysis of the type of deformities and try to make a correction which will be directed to each particular case.

Asimetría Mamaria - Instituto Perez de la Romana
Como Tratar la Asimetría Mamaria

In cases of hypertrophied flabby breasts, it is necessary to elevate it and restore the position of the nipple where it belongs and equate it completely. In cases where there is lack of gland in one of the two sides, it is essential to use breast implants because in that way we will fill part of the breast that is insufficient or underdeveloped. In case of tubular breasts breast its necessary include breast implant to fill the breast tissue and reduce very enlarged areolas. This means that in every case it is possible to find solution after well-done clinical analysis of the deformity. These treatments are usually performed with general anesthesia and also local and sedation. Usually it lasts about two hours and the results are usually excellent. The patient can go home in one day. Often the surgeon prescribes drainage during first 24 hours.

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