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Increase in twins

Increase in twins

Procedure to alter the shape of the calves

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The underdevelopment of the calf (muscle, twins) disfigures the body shape and render the legs unattractive, with the legs seeming very thin and far apart. At other times, there is abnormal growth in the bones of the legs, producing a bow-legged appearance.

Increase in twins


Most of the time the cause is genetic, since it usually affects both legs and because we observe the same characteristics in the legs of different members of the family.

At other times, this defect can be found in a single leg due to trauma or diseases such as poliomyelitis.


Whatever the cause, people who have this deformity often suffer psychological complexes that require them to wear long clothing and wide pants.


The most effective way to correct this problem is to insert special silicone prostheses in this area, which give the calves greater volume and greatly improve their shape. Alternatively, the infiltration of fat allows the whole leg to be given the desired shape.

In some cases where the patient does not have enough fat to insert, the procedure will involve a combination of prostheses and lipofilling (the grafting of the fat of the patient).

In most cases the mixed technique is the most recommended in the Instituto Pérez de la Romana, and is the one that produces the best results.

Beautiful, well-proportioned legs

The result is most satisfactory, giving the patientbeautiful, well-proportioned legs .

The procedure is performed with epidural anesthetic, and the patient must remain at the clinic for 24 hours so that we can observe the mobility of the legs. Recovery is rapid and progressive. During the post-operative period, lymphatic drainage massages and compressive measures should be performed for three weeks; however, the patient may be fully recovered and walking a week after the procedure.

Real-life cases - Dr. Perez de la Romana

Before-and-after photographs of real-life increases in twins

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What type of anesthetic is used for this procedure?

Usually local anesthetic and sedation. However, an epidural can also be used.

Should I remain at the clinic after the procedure?

It is an outpatient procedure. However, you should not move your legs for 24 hours. For this reason, we advise you to remain at the clinic overnight.

When will I be able to resume my employment?

It depends on the nature of your position: if it is very mild, within a week. But if it is more intense, in particular in terms of leg movement, within fifteen days. You should also avoid moving the twins for a week.

When can I go to the beach to sunbathe?

You will be able to go to the beach after fifteen days. However, you should avoid getting sun on the scars, which should be protected using silicone bandages or factor 50 sun protection.

When will I be able to go to the gym?

Usually, we recommend that you resume participation in sport one month after the procedure, albeit without forcing the twin muscles in the first few days after the procedure.

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