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High definition Body remodelling. For those who are looking for perfection.
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Although liposuction remains one of the top operations in Cosmetic Surgery in order to remove fat and remodel the body, lately in the clinics of Cosmetic Surgery a profile of patients seeking perfection has appeared. They are people who have an adequate weight and exercise, but do not manage to enhance muscles in certain areas of the body, to be able to show a marked abdomen, toned buttocks or defined arms.

At the Instituto Perez de la Romana we help these people make their dream come true through the Vaser Lipo High Definition liposuction which is a revolutionary technique that has come to change the concept of Body Contouring, and bring it closer to the world of fitness and body culture.
The main of difference of this method from the traditional liposuction techniques is that it allows to sculpt the body to the millimeter, getting toned and athletic bodies without the need of spending many hours in the gym.

In which areas is it performed?

This technique is effective both for removing fat in areas where it is more bulky, and for areas where the skin is especially loose, such as the neck, arms and inner side of the thighs.

What is Lipo Vaser High Definition?

The Lipo Vaser High Definition is an ultrasound technology of latest generation that acts selectively on the fatty tissue, sculpting the silhouette in those areas that one wants to define. During the process fat cells are treated with ultrasound energy. After liquefying the fat, it is sucked through a cannula that is inserted by small incisions into the skin, removing all the unwanted fatty tissue. The surrounding tissues are left intact, sculpting with greater definition the muscles of the treated area. During the healing process, the skin retracts and the result is a toned body with smooth skin and defined muscles. This is also possible due to the combination of the most advanced techniques of body remodelling, used in Instituto Perez de la Romana.

Who are the best candidates for the Vaser Lipo?

  • Those people who have a relatively normal weight but need to remove from their body accumulations of localized fat.
  • Patients who practice sports regularly and who maintain a healthy nutrition, but do not achieve a muscular definition.
  • People with accumulated fat in different areas of the body and with a desire to shape, define and perfection some areas.
  • Patients, interested in eliminating fat from some parts of the body and infiltrating it into other areas where they want to gain volume, to improve the body silhouette.


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The best indication of the Vaser Lipo high definition HD technique is the women´s body. Both young women athletes who want to mark more or less intensely their muscular silhouette and middle-aged women who have already experienced some deterioration in their body.

  1. On the front part of the body the abdomen is the most needed. All accumulated fat is removed and the contour where the straight muscles of the abdomen end (a line in the center and two lateral lines) is marked. The purpose is to leave the abdomen smooth with good proportion in the waist and hips and muscles more or less defined according to the age and expectations of the patient.
  2. In the back side of the body the back and especially gluts are very important. Our back treatment focuses on removing all the fat from the lateral folds of the trunk, marking the waist and reshaping the hips. The use of Vaser lipo also helps to retract the skin in these areas. The extracted fat can be injected into the gluts to enhance the shape, volume and beauty of the same. The purpose is to achieve a body with harmonious curves, reducing the waist and augmenting the buttocks.
  3. The arms often need fat removal and, in some cases, when skin sagging occurs, skin retraction is needed. Only in very young people or athletes it is possible to define triceps and deltoid muscles.
  4. Thighs may be contoured over their entire surface.


The purpose of the treatment with the Vaser lipo technique is to remove all fatty deposits that disfigure the silhouette, and to mark the most attractive muscle areas of a man’s body:

  1. Thorax. In this area we mark the pectoral muscles which is a very beautiful area of a men’s body and remove the fat from the armpits, leaving an attractive masculine the thorax.
  2. The abdomen. In this area the goal is to eliminate the existing fat and define the straight abdominal muscles, called colloquially “6-pax”, which is the most important part of the male body.
  3. The back. It focuses on defining the dorsal muscles and eliminating all the fat in the lumbar area.
  4. Gluts. It is a very important area in the male body. It is aimed to define the major and medium gluteal muscles eliminating the fat that usually exists in the hips and flanks, known colloquially as “love handles”.
  5. In the arms it is important to mark the deltoid muscles, biceps and triceps.
  6. In the legs we mark the calf muscles. The definition process consists of removing excess fat around the muscles and injecting it into the muscles, which we want to increase or define.
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Can Vaser Lipo be combined with other techniques?

To achieve the best result in body remodelling today, it is necessary to combine several state-of-the-art technologies. At the Pérez de la Romana Institute we have the ones that have proved to be the most effective:

  1. The “Vaser Lipo“, which is the most important for emulsifying fat and its eliminating without altering other structures, retracting the skin and marking the muscles, giving the body the most athletic, slender and toned appearance. ⠀
  2. The “Microair“, which is the device of vibro liposuction that achieves greater fat suction power while injecting large volumes when needed.
  3. The “BodyTite“, which is the radio frequency device used to remove fat and, above all, to retract the skin.
  4. For the fat graft of smaller volume, a syringe is used, and for the bigger grafts the Microair or Well Johnson system are used in cases if it is needed.



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What’s the postoperative period like?

After the procedure, a compression garment should be worn. This garment is worn for about one or two months and it is usually combined with lymphatic drainage massages. The process is somewhat uncomfortable, but not painful. During the first week after the intervention youe should and a few days progressive exercise are recommended and you can start your usual activities, avoiding intense exercises during the first week.

What results do you get with LipoVaser High Definition?

  • It is possible to define the body in the best way.
  • Liposuction with LipoVaser preserves tissues such as vessels and nerves by protecting them and reducing any bruising that may occur.
  • The precision: this technique allows to extract the smaller or bigger volume of fat, and inject it into the areas that need to be volumized and design precisely the required areas.
  • There is also greater tissue retraction leading to greater firmness of the skin and rapid healing.

Should you always be on a diet to maintain the result after a body remodelling with Lipo Vaser?

No, fat cells removed by liposuction do not reproduce. But it is important to take care of yourself and practice determined physical exercise and follow the balanced diet.

It is also not true the idea that liposculpture forces the patient to be on a constant diet to preserve the results that were achieved. In any case, in the event that the patient gains weight, this usually occurs in a more uniform way, respecting the new forms of the body and without forming fat accumulations.

With this new technique we can sculpt large areas with high definition and also small areas on which you could not work with traditional liposuction.

You will appreciate radical changes in your body contour with more lasting and stable results.

At the Instituto Pérez de la Romana we recommend you to come for the consultation with the surgeon to know if you are a good candidate for Vaser Lipo technique.

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