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Labioplasty is a plastic surgery procedure to correct deformities of the genital lips. These are deformities that are often very uncomfortable for patients.


It describes a technique to correct the abdominal wall, removing skin and excess fat and repairing the abdominal muscles.


It describes a technique to correct excess skin and fat from the upper and lower eyelids.


In this video, we show a procedure carried out on a patient with nasal deviation and shortness of breath. We conducted an open rhinoplasty and released nasal skin to expose alar cartilage and correct the nasal septum. After correcting the nasal septum, we remove the cartilage to lower and align the nasal dorsum. We select the cartilage of septum extracted, and select the cartilage suitable to fill the nasal tip.

Gluteal augmentation

In this procedure, we demonstrate the two ways that exist to augment the gluteus using a prosthesis and fat from the patient.

Neck rejuvenation

In this video, we show a procedure on a patient with excess fat in the neck and sagging cervical skin. First, we perform a liposuction to remove fat and, once this has been done, we lift the sagging skin, rejuvenating the neck in the process.

Explantation, mastopexy and lipofilling

In this procedure, we remove breast implants from the patient and augment the volume of the breast. We then remove skin to lift the bust.

Breast reduction

Through this procedure, we reduce and raise excessively voluminous breasts.

Breast asymmetry

We conduct an operation on a patient with a breast asymmetry. To do this, we will raise the right breast that is larger and lower-hanging than the left breast, removing skin and resectioning the lower part of the breast.

Augmentation mammoplasty via submammary

We perform augmentation mammoplasty on patients who have a hipomasty and a discreet breast asymmetry.

Periareolar augmentation mammoplasty

It describes the breast augmentation technique by inserting the prosthesis through the areola.


We perform an otoplasty on a patient with a slight separation of the ears. A simple operation with local sedation and rapid recovery.

Breast augmentation using fat

We augment the breast using the patient’s own fat, removing excess fat from the patient and using it to fill in the breast.

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