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Nutrition unit

Nutrition unit

The nutrition unit at the Instituto Pérez de la Romana has been created to teach our patients the best way to eat for control their weight, improve their quality of life, prevent or treat diseases and help slow the aging process.

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What treatments do we offer at the Instituto Pérez de la Romana?




Healthy nutrition at the Instituto Pérez de la Romana seeks to introduce a healthy diet based on real food and an absence of processed foods into the lifestyle of our patients. However, in doing so we always adapt it to modern living and the needs of each person in a personalised way.

We offer healthy, natural, tasty and balanced nutrition with a flexible, practical and attractive approach, keeping with the seasons and the food preferences of the patient and customising the nutrition we provide according to the needs of each patient.

What does it consist of?

In our nutritional treatment, we offer patients a customised diet treatment that includes a review of their medical analyses, fortnightly or monthly control of their food records, a correction of their eating habits, personalised recipes and menus and advice and documents related to their case. This treatment also includes nutritional education and a resolution of any doubts the patient may have, as well as a full nutritional evaluation and the necessary anthropometric measurements.

Nutrition education consists of teaching the patient how to eat correctly depending on their objectives to adopt a healthy diet, correct bad habits and measurements, prevent disease, alleviate any existing conditions and provide nutritional advice customised for each patient.

What does it include?

How are we going to work?

What will we do at the first consultation?
Duration: 1h

We will conduct a full assessment of your clinical and dietary history, reviewing any current or past health problems. Together, we will have a look at your nutritional habits and lifestyle and your diagnostic tests (biochemical analyses and other relevant medical tests, such as the nutrigenetic test), as well as your work schedule, activities schedule and other aspects of interest.

Later, we will establish the short- and long-term objectives you need and review your current diet in order to be able to improve it. After the interview, we will provide you with a nutritional guide, examples of healthier breakfast, lunch and snack options and nutritional tips, according to your objectives and your state of health.

What will we look at during the second consultation?
Duration: 45 minutes

Within no more than 2 weeks from the first consultation, we will provide you with your personalised menus, including recipes if you want them. These menus will be arranged according to your preferences (schedule availability, cooking time, tastes and skills, and even menus to eat away from home). We will also take a look at the first two weeks of your food diary and correct it, and resolve any doubts you may have at this point.

How will we monitor your progress?
Follow-up visits: 30 minutes

At these visits, more doubts will be resolved and your progress and objectives achieved will be monitored, as will any improvement in symptoms and all matters related to your health. The duration of these visits will depend on the patient and the proposed objectives. We will also update the nutrition plan and you will be given the new menus (a different customised menu each week or a menu with options, if so requested).




The treatment for weight loss is aimed at those who want remarkable results in a short space of time, suitable for people with overweight, tiredness, stress, general malaise and anxiety.

Being overweight causes many health problems that affect our way of life. At the Instituto Pérez de la Romana, we propose a method for weight loss that is focused on recovering the optimal state of health of the patient, increasing vitality through a healthy diet that is personalised and tailored to each patient.

Special emphasis is placed on learning healthy nutrition that will help the patient continue to lose weight until they feel well and can maintain their weight over time, improving their quality of life.


This type of treatment is suitable for persons who wish to control their weight or detoxify the body. The detox process helps the cleansing of the body and provides energy and vitality. It is a diet designed for those who want to take care of a little more care of themselves than usual and learn about healthy nutrition and the benefits of this type of food.


The aim is to eliminate excesses that accumulate in the body and restore energy and vitality. With the help of a detoxifying diet that contains natural foods that are very easy to find and use, and with the appropriate nutritional advice, you can help your body function more effectively.


Have you ever wondered why you have been unable to lose weight properly with a standard dietary treatment?

The answer could be in the genes: your genetics make you unique and, as such, you respond to each food, diet, or intervention of a different and personal way. A personalised nutrigenetics study will help identify dietary and lifestyle guidelines best suited to the particular characteristics identified in your genetic profile.



The nutrigenetics test allows us to determine the genetic predisposition of the patient to suffer from obesity and associated medical complications using DNA. On this basis, we offer a more efficient and personalised food solution. People have small differences in our genome that make us unique.

Through the study and interpretation of the results of the nutrigenetic test, we identify the most appropriate lifestyle and provide advice in relation to the genetic profile of each patient: foods that can cause them problems, those that are more suitable in order toimprove their health, the impact of each nutrient on their body, information on food that can improve their metabolism and prevent associated illnesses, and reduce risk factors.



At the consultation, a sample of salivawill be taken. This sample will then be sent to the laboratory.


The laboratory specialising in nutrigenomics will extract DNA and identify your genetic variants. Its analyses are performed under the supervision of a Scientific Committee, made up of a group from the laboratory of molecular biology, nutrition and biotechnology, a world leader in the field of nutrigenomics.


Using these data, we generate a comprehensive report that relates the impact of different nutrients to the associated risks in different categories.


With this report, we can give you the best recommendations and dietary guidelines while taking your genetic profile into account, enabling you to achieve your desired goals in a more efficient and healthy manner.




In addition to genetics, our health and well-being are determined by our lifestyle and nutrition.

The Instituto Pérez de la Romana integrates the most effective natural therapies with highly therapeutic nutrition, not to mention the latest advances in medicine, in particular in the fields of preventive medicine, genetics and anti-aging.

The aim is not only to prevent or reverse premature aging, but also induce a stimulation and natural reconstruction of metabolic systems and all body tissue. Instituto Pérez de la Romana anti-aging therapies are designed to improve the quality of life of our patients on all levels.

At the Instituto Pérez de la Romana we can delay the signs of aging, providing a healthy, young and natural brightness to our skin, improving our physical appearance, confidence in ourselves and our day-to-day habits through a few small changes in our diet that will allow us to look younger and younger each day.


Aimed at optimising health and adding years to one's life through the perfect combination of healthy eating and the latest scientific advances in preventive and personalised medicine.

The anti-aging treatment of Instituto Perez de la Romana proposes to reduce or eliminate factors that negatively affect our quality of life. In our anti-aging program we apply the knowledge derived from the best natural therapies, including the most perfect nutrition known and all those tools either diagnostic or preventive treatment, which day by day endorsing the most advanced scientific studies with the latest discoveries of genetics and antiaging medicine.

Rejuvenation program

First, a nutrigenetic test is carried out. Once the results of this test have been studied, the factors that may be having a negative impact on quality of life are determined. Using this approach will allow changes in habits and rejuvenation treatments necessary to optimise personal health and create new habits that allow individuals to lead a longer and healthier life, allowing them to have a quality of life experienced by young people for as long as possible.

The Instituto Pérez de la Romana rejuvenation programme includes rejuvenation treatments that combine ancient techniques with the latest advances in genetics and preventive medicine to optimise health and slow down the aging process. The main objective of this exclusive treatment is to enable to patient to rejuvenate naturally and prevent premature aging and to improve their health and quality of life.



Prevention and treatment of diseases

Prevention and treatment of diseases

Learn how to eat healthily, correcting bad habits and preventing diseases and treating them if you already have them through consultations, studies, tips, recipes and personalised nutritional diets.

Diseases we treat at the Instituto Pérez de la Romana:

Through the design of diets that are personalised and adapted to the different characteristics of each person.


Other services

Other services


The aim of nutritional advice is to help you and guide you prepare healthier menus that are suited to new nutritional demands. For this reason, this service is ideal if you find yourself in any of these situations:


Our aim is to enable you to retain the ideal state of health that you achieve with us on a permanent basis. To do this we have created the De la Romana School, a selection of lectures, healthy cooking classes, recovery exercises and other group activities that give you the tools and knowledge to enjoy long-term optimal physical, mental, sexual, and emotional well-being.



A good diet is one of the main keys to have a healthy pregnancy with energy. It is the ideal time to include foods full of nutrients to feed you and your baby.

With this program, we at the Instituto Pérez de la Romana want you to discover healthy eating habits that are easy to incorporate into your day-to-day life that will help you to stay healthy and strong during your pregnancy and lactation.

"During pregnancy, one must not eat for two but eat twice as well".

We can help you enjoy eating healthy during your pregnancy and help you avoid putting on more weight more than necessary.

Would you like to discover a really healthy food without nutritional deficiencies? Do you want to avoid nausea, cravings and dizziness?

A healthy diet will help you avoid many unpleasant symptoms during these months, and to deal with them better if you have them. There are nutrients that are especially important during pregnancy and lactation, and it is the best stage of life to give your child the best so that they can grow healthy and strong.



A good way to learn how to eat properly is to focus on the most basic foods and, with the help of a guide so that you can develop healthier lifestyle habits. For this reason, at the Instituto Pérez de La Romana we offer you an exclusive program in which experts in personalized nutrition with knowledge of healthy eating will help you redesign your pantry and freezer in a healthy manner and guide you when it comes to making your menus for yourself and your family, providing you with healthy and tasty ideas, enabling you to enjoy your food and look after your health.

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