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Abdominoplasty in men

Abdominoplasty in men

Flat abdomens in men without fatty accumulations

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Objective: A flat belly for men

When we talk about abdominoplasty we mean lipoabdominoplasty , which is the combination of liposuction of the flanks and abdomen and the removal of excess skin in the abdominal region.

When a person loses a lot of weight, whether over a short space of time, gradually or after special treatments such as bariatric surgery, there is loose abdominal tissue that needs to be treated using this technique.

In some cases where there is sagging of the muscle, the suture is also carried out using corsets for abdominal rectus muscles to give the abdomen a more youthful appearance.

Abdominioplasty produces very good results in men, giving patients a perfect abdomen

This procedure is performed using epidural anesthetic and sedation, with the patient to remain in hospital for 24 hours. The recovery period is approximately one week.

The patient must wear a compression band. The recovery time is reduced with lymphatic drainage massages.

This procedure produces very good results and significantly increases patients' self-esteem.

Real-life cases - Dr. Perez de la Romana

Before-and-after photographs of real-life abdominoplasty procedures in men

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What anesthetic is used?

We normally use a general anesthetic, since the patient must be completely relaxed in order to suture the abdominal rectus muscle. In some cases, we also perform use an epidural anesthetic and sedation. The choice of anesthetic used is made with the patient.

Can abdominal stretch marks be removed?

Yes: Provided they are located below the navel, they will disappear since this portion of skin is removed.

Is the scar very visible?

The abdominal scar tends to be long and located in the upper area of the pubis, which is hidden with underwear or swimwear. It can be concealed with manual pressure treatment, while sheets of silicone can be used to conceal the scar and, over time, can cause the scar to disappear.

What happens to the navel?

The navel is still that of the patient, the only difference being that it moves due to slippage of the abdominal skin. The result is always an improvement in its shape, size and appearance.

Can liposuction and abdominoplasty be combined?

Yes, this combination is the latest technique that we perform in the clinic, and is called lipoabdominoplasty. It produces the best results, removing all fat on the hip and on the waist while at the same time fully stretching the abdomen, resulting in a more svelte figure.

How long after an abdominoplasty can I sunbathe?

You will be able to sunbathe once the swelling has subsided, which takes about a month. The scar must be protected from exposure to the sun, either with full protection suncream, silicone foil or an appropriate bathing suit.

Is abdominoplasty a treatment for obesity?

No. Abdominoplasty is a body remodeling treatment that only serves to smooth out a belly that has is bloated after pregnancies or to reduce fat in the abdominal region, but it is not a treatment for obesity. To treat obesity, there are other treatments that aim to combine better nutrition and more physical exercise.

If I have a hernia, can I have an abdominoplasty?

For this type of problem both for the hernia and the correction of the abdomen, it is very appropriate to do an abdominoplasty and correct the hernia at the same time.

How long after the procedure can I do sport or physical activity?

The abdominal muscle usually recovers its strength over a period of one month. We recommend that you resume sport or physical activity after this period.

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