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Breast reconstruction

Breast reconstruction

A breast reconstruction after breast cancer is the best news after the tough fight

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Breast reconstruction

Why rebuild my breast?

Breast reconstruction helps people people who have had all or part of a breast removed regain self-esteem, psychological balance and femininity.

What is it?

The aim of breast reconstruction is to create a new breast with the best shape possible when it has been removed in full or in part due to an accident or prior surgery that has not been successful. In particular, however, we refer to breast removal due to cancer.

Reconstruction with prosthesis

To reconstruct a breast via the insertion of prosthesis, two surgical steps are required.

In the first stage, an expander is put in place. The purpose of the expander is to expand the skin on the breast that has been removed to allow the permanent prosthesis to be put in place .

In the second stage, the permanent prosthesis is put in place and adjusted and made to match the other breast. In many cases, surgery must be performed on the other breast to make the two breasts as identical as possible.

Reconstruction without prosthesis

The reconstruction is performed using the tissue of the patient. It consists of moving tissue from the abdomen (DIEP) or back (wide dorsal to give the breast we wish to reconstruct the desired shape.

Novel techniques

Currently, breast reconstruction can be performed on certain patients who meet the necessary conditions with fat from the hips of the abdomen of the patient, which must be processed and ready to be infiltrated into the breast. This technique is called lipofilling.

This is the lipofilling technique we usually perform at the Instituto Pérez de la Romana . It is practically painless and can be repeated until you get the best possible shape in the breast. The only condition is that the patient must have enough fat to be extracted. The post-operative recovery is much faster and more comfortable than other breast reconstruction techniques.

Real-life cases - Dr. Perez de la Romana

Before-and-after photographs of real-life cases of breast reconstruction

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See more real-life cases of breast reconstruction


After breast reconstruction, which can be done to the healthy breast that has not been removed?

Usually, we remove or lift the healthy breast that has not been removed to ensure greater similarity to the reconstructed breast.

Should I continue checking both breasts in the future after the breast reconstruction?

Of course, the most important thing is for the multidisciplinary team (oncologist, gynecologist and surgeon) to continue to inspect both breasts on a regular basis.

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