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Breast reduction

Breast reduction

With a breast reduction, you get breasts that are smaller and more balanced.

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The aim is to achieve smaller, more harmonious breasts

This procedure is performed on people who have very large breasts, in order to decrease the volume of the breast and get a breast that is aesthetically pleasing and in proportion with the body.

With breast reduction we achieve an aesthetic and functional improvement

In most cases, it is not just a procedure performed for aesthetic purposes: a breast reduction can eliminate discomfort or pain in the back caused by the excessive volume of the breast and skin lesions caused by bra straps and the rubbing of the skin under the breast.

It also lifts patients' self-esteem: in young people, mammary hypertrophy can cause psychological disturbances or complexes that make it difficult to relate to others and even to find suitable clothes..

Breast reduction

You will feel free

After the procedure and the volume of your chest has been reduced, you will feel liberated from the weight, improving your sense of well-being and eliminating back and neck pains and you will be able to dress as you wish.

The procedure is performed using local anesthetic and sedation. It involves removing part of the gland, fat and skin of the breast, leaving the volume we consider proportionate with the patient's body and their wishes.

Wear a compression bandage for a week. The post-operative period is not painful at all: we recommend manual lymphatic drainage massages. You can resume your normal routine after two weeks.

We use modern techniques that leave minimal scarring

In breast reduction procedures, we use the most modern techniques such as vertical mammoplasty, which improves the shape and scarring to a single vertical scar. In other cases, we can extend the scar to a horizontal scar under the breast groove but always on the side, where it is unnoticeable.

In the past 25 years, Dr. Pérez de la Romana has invented and developed his own technique of suturing ("double loop") to minimise the length of the scar by 30%.

Residual scars are not of concern to patients, due to the fact that the major improvement in the shape compensates for any scar.

Final results

The volume achieved after surgery is final and the breast does not grow again, except in exceptional cases.

Breast feeding and safety

Following this procedure, patients can breastfeed their children and have the appropriate radiological revisions done in the future.

Real-life cases - Dr. Perez de la Romana

Before-and-after photographs of real-life cases of breast reductions

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Is breastfeeding possible after a breast reduction?

Yes: most patients have not cited any problems breastfeeding.

Will the areola and nipples retain their sensitivity?

Most patients have not had problems with sensitivity in the long-term; however, they have experienced changes in sensitivity in the first two weeks after the procedure. Only in extremely rare cases could long-term problems with sensitivity arise, and then depending on the volume of the breast.

Does it leave visible scars?

If you heal well, any scars left will not usually be noticeable.

Usually, the circular scar that runs around the areola is not noticeable.

The vertical scar is the scar most noticeable at first, but it is which is the least noticeable over time and, in most cases, is unnoticeable.

The scar under the breast never reaches the end of the crease and, as a result, cannot be seen when the patient is wearing a bikini.

Can the size of the breast be reduced as much as sought by the patient?

A breast reduction should be performed taking into account the wishes of the patient and the proportions of the reduction. Our recommendation is always to achieve perfect body harmony.

Can a breast reduction be justified as a measure to eliminate back pain?

Yes, this is one of the main reasons patients come to reduce their breasts: large breasts are often the cause of back pain.

From what age can breast reduction be performed?

We recommend waiting for breast development to be completed (18-20 years). However, younger girls can be operated on in cases of excessive breast development.

Is it a procedure with a painful post-operative period?

Usually, this procedure is not painful: however, there may be slight discomfort as a result of the pressure of the bandage. The post-operative period is very bearable, with the patient receiving analgesic treatment for a week.

How long after a breast reduction will I be able to do exercise?

In the first week after the procedure, we recommend that the patient not make any broad arm movements or lift weight.

After a month, you will be able to exercise and even go to the gym.

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