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Otoplasty: Male ear surgery

Otoplasty: Male ear surgery

Male ear surgery

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What is otoplasty?

This procedure aims to correct the ears when they are excessively large or very far apart.

Why does this happen?

While noone knows exactly what the cause of protruding ears is, they are of congenital origin and have a genetic component, as they are sometimes seen in several members of the same family.


This is the procedure we carry out on the youngest patients at our practice, precisely because it causes great angst in children under school age. We try to help them avoid all of that mental trauma, operating on them before they start school. It is important for them to have the procedure done early (at around five years of age), given that after the procedure these children feel safer, improving their school performance and self-esteem and strengthening their personality.

Adults can also be operated on at any age.

Natural and compact ears

The most important thing is to achieve very good results. After otoplasty, the ears look very natural and patients are very satisfied.


It is done is with local anesthetic and with no hospital admission: the patient can go home after the procedure, and must wear a bandage around the head for one week to hold the ears in place.

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Real-life cases - Dr. Perez de la Romana

Before-and-after photographs of real-life cases of ear surgery

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At what age can my child have an ear operation?

It is very important to correct the ears before the age at which they start school, to prevent them developing a complex at the hands of their peers.

Can an otoplasty procedure affect other functions of the ear?

No. Neither the deformity of the ear or the corrective surgery affects hearing.

Is the operation to correct protruding ears a complex one?

No. It is a relatively simple operation, but delicate and precise. The whole procedure is performed through an incision behind the ear.

Does it leave scars?

Given that the procedure is performed through an incision behind the ears, the scars are unnoticeable.

What type of anesthetic is recommended?

We use a local anesthetic and sedation, which does not hurt at all and has a faster and safer recovery.

Can the results be seen immediately?

After the procedure, a bandage is applied for a week. It is at this time when you can see the result, which is usually very satisfactory.

What is the post-operative period like?

The post-operative period is not painful, although due to the inflammation and the bandage the patient may experience some discomfort during the first week. This discomfort should disappear with analgesic treatment.

What is the recovery time?

The patient recovers their general state of health on the same day given that it is an outpatient procedure, with no need to be admitted overnight. However, due to the fact that they will have to wear an elastic band, they will have to wait for one or two weeks before they can return to work.

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