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Otoplasty (ear surgery)

Correction of protruding ears and the earlobe

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What is otoplasty?

Otoplasty is aesthetic ear surgery that aims to correct the ears when they are excessively large or widely separated , and to correct torn or very large ear lobes.

Why do protruding ears occur?

While the exact cause of protruding ears is not known, there is a genetic component in their formation: we often find the same ear pattern in one or more direct family members of the patient.

This deformity does not favour, nor can be the cause of, any problem in hearing and the aesthetic correction of the external shape of the ear will not lead us to hear better.

Ear surgery in children

Ear surgery in children

Otoplasty is one of the few aesthetic surgical procedures accepted in children (from the age of 5), since they can suffer bullying at the hands of other children, affecting the development of their personalities and relationships.

Aftet the procedure children feel more confident, improving their school performance and self-esteem strengthening their personalities.

Adults can be operated on at any age.


This procedure can be performed without hospital admission, both with local anesthetic or superficial sedation, according to the tolerance of the patient.

Natural and harmonious results

On occasions, we see ears that have been operated on at other centres and it is easy to determine whether or not they have been operated on: they do not have the aesthetic proportions of the ears in the facial oval.

At the Instituto Pérez de la Romana, achieving a natural and harmonious result is our priority.

This procedure is performed as an outpatient procedure and the patient is able to resume their normal activities after a week.

The solution to torn earlobes

If you have torn or dilated earlobes afteryears of wearing heavy earrings, or want to close a hole in a piercing that you no longer want, at the Instituto Pérez de la Romana we perform simple procedures that require short recovery times to resolve this problem.

Real-life cases - Dr. Perez de la Romana

Before-and-after photographs of real-life cases of ear surgery

Click on the buttons to see the before-and-after comparison.

See more real-life cases of ear surgery


At what age can my child have an ear operation?

It is very important to correct the ears before the age at which they start school, to prevent them developing a complex at the hands of their peers.

Can an otoplasty procedure affect other functions of the ear?

No. Neither the deformity of the ear or the corrective surgery affects hearing.

Is the operation to correct protruding ears a complex one?

No. It is a relatively simple operation, but delicate and precise. The whole procedure is performed through an incision behind the ear.

Does it leave scars?

Given that the procedure is performed through an incision behind the ears, the scars are unnoticeable.

What type of anesthetic is recommended?

We use a local anesthetic and sedation, which does not hurt at all and has a faster and safer recovery.

Can the results be seen immediately?

After the procedure, a bandage is applied for a week. It is at this time when you can see the result, which is usually very satisfactory.

What is the post-operative period like?

The post-operative period is not painful, although due to the inflammation and the bandage the patient may experience some discomfort during the first week. This discomfort should disappear with analgesic treatment.

What is the recovery time?

The patient recovers their general state of health on the same day given that it is an outpatient procedure, with no need to be admitted overnight. However, due to the fact that they will have to wear an elastic band, they will have to wait for one or two weeks before they can return to work.

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