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If you want a nicer nose or to be able to breathe better

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Nose operation with elegant and subtle results

When we perform a rhinoplasty we look for natural results that sweeten your facial expression , adapting it to the facial structure to achieve a more balanced appearance.

No one will notice that you have had surgery

We look for subtle changes that make your "new" nose proportional without subtracting personality from your appearance.

The best result is when no one notices that you have had surgery, but tell you that you look better.


The purpose of this intervention is to improve the aesthetic aspect of the nose and bring harmony and beauty to the features of the face. It can also be performed for functional reasons, i.e. in cases where the patient cannot breathe properly.

It is possible to combine the two, improving the appearance of the nose while correcting respiratory problems. This intervention is called rhinoseptoplasty.

In our clinic, rhinoseptoplasty is performed by the plastic surgeon and the otologist together in one procedure.


Generally, the operation on the nose is not painful or causes very little pain. It is performed with local anesthetic and sedation or, in some cases, with general anesthetic. The patient is admitted to the clinic for 24 hours.

Patients tend to feel a slight discomfort until the blinding is removed. The patient can resume their normal activities after 7 days.


Rhinoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures, due to the fact that the nose is a very important factor in determining the beauty of the face of a person (among both men and women).

While it can be performed at any age, among young people it is of great importance because in addition to providing an aesthetic enhancement, it does wonders for their self-esteem.

Real-life cases - Dr. Perez de la Romana

Before-and-after photographs of real-life cases of rhinoplasty

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Does this procedure hurt?

This procedure is not painful. The only inconvenience is having to wear plugs on the nostrils for two days of the event.

Once the nasal plugs have been removed, patients comfortably take a seat.

Does it hurt to remove earplugs?

Technology has developed special earplugs that can be removed without any inconvenience. As a result, patients feel no pain.

Will I have a swollen face?

During the first few days, it is normal that the face (in particular around the eyelids) will have a slight inflammation and, in some cases, can present with minor equimosis (soft hematoma) which will disappear during the first week.

How long will I wear the plaster for?

Usually, the plaster is removed seven days after surgery. Said removal is usually a painless procedure.

What type of anesthetic is used?

Rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthetic. It is a shallow anesthetic because we also inject local anesthetic throughout the nasal mucous and recovery is very fast.

Should I remain at the clinic after the procedure?

Usually, a patient must remain at the clinic for 24 hours following a rhinoplasty so that we can monitor any changes in the patient.

How long do I have to take off work?

After about two or three days you will be able to resume your normal routine and from the seventh day you remove the plaster you can join your work.

When will I be able to resume sporting activities?

You should not resume physical exercise or sport until one month has passed since the procedure.

When will I have a definitive result?

You can see approximate results after about two or three weeks. However, it will not be until one month afterwards in which the result is more or less definitive. Your nose may undergo minor changes for months, even a year.

From what age can I have a rhinoplasty done?

We normally wait until bone growth is complete. This usually occurs between 16 and 18 years. However, the most correct approach would be to observe the end of bone growth in a hand x-ray.

If I have problems breathing, can this be corrected in the same procedure?

Yes. Normally, we perform aesthetic and functional exploration and if there is a respiratory dysfunction, our clinic otologist would intervene with the plastic surgeon to correct the aesthetic and functional aspect.

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