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Tuberous breasts

Tuberous breasts

From tubular-shaped breasts to naturally-shaped breasts

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Tubular breasts

What are tuberous breasts?

Tuberous or tubular breasts are a congenital malformation that affects one or both breasts in teenage women, causing major psychological trauma. People with such breasts feel very strange: their their breasts affect them in their personal relationships and they avoid showing them.

Why does this happen?

While the specific cause of this anomaly is not known, we do know that she it is an alteration in the development of the breast characterised by the lack of development in the base, the sides and the lower pole of the breast, with the breast only growing outwards, leaving a tubular breast with a very large and outstanding areola as a result. Sometimes the areola falls in front of the breast, and the breasts are often asymmetrical.

Tubular breasts

Objective: A NORMAL breast

With surgery one can correct all defects associated with tubular breast to achieve a normal and natural-looking breast. We change the shape and volume of the breast and the size of the areola in a single procedure.

The surgery is performed with local anesthetic and sedation. Firstly, it consists of expanding the existing gland through radial incisions, opening the existing gland up as much as possible. The second step is to insert a prosthesis that is wide enough to give the breast a normal and proportionate appearance, both on the sides and at the bottom. The final step is to reduce the size of the areola and put it in its place.

With or without prosthesis

Most of the time a prosthesis is required, since the gland is insufficient to give the full shape to the breast. In other cases, in addition to the prosthesis, fat from of the patient is required to improve or perfect the limits where the prosthesis ends. Fat is also necessary when there is significant asymmetry between one breast and the other and, through lipofilling, we can achieve greater symmetry between the breasts.

This type of procedure is performed with local anesthetic and sedation. The patient must wear a bandage that will be removed at the end of the week, and they will be able to resume their day-to-day activities.

The post-operative period is not painful and recovery is fast and pleasant.

Result of the tuberous breast

From the day you remove the bandage you can see the outcome, which is excellent.

It is a surgical procedure that lifts the self-esteem of patients. In addition to an aesthetic benefit, it has another psychological benefit in that it allows the patient to quickly resume their personal and social lives.

Real-life cases - Dr. Perez de la Romana

Before-and-after photographs of real-life cases of tubular breasts

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See more real-life cases of tuberous breasts


What are tuberous breasts?

Tubular breasts are so called because they breasts with a tubular shape, which is due in particular to some alteration in their development: there has been little development of the breast with insufficient growth in the lower pole of the breast and a herniation of the areola with an excessive diameter. They are notable in that they can be of different grades, and the anomaly on one side can be much greater than on the other.

How does a woman know she has tuberous breasts?

In reality, tuberous breasts bear a close resemblance to hypotrophic breasts and many women attend the consultation believing that they only require a breast augmentation. However, a consultation with expert plastic surgeons is essential so that they can correctly diagnose insufficient development in the lower section and can classify it as a tuberous breast. In general, patients who present with tuberous breasts consider their breasts, which tend to be asymmetrical, to be very strange and do not have the normal shape of hypotrophic breasts.

What is the solution to tuberous breasts?

Of course, they require surgical intervention and must be studied very precisely to determine which part of the breast should be augmented, which in particular tend to be the whole periphery and the lower section. This augmentation is performed via the insertion of prostheses. The areola must also be reduced and the protruding part of the gland must be repositioned. In some cases, we use fat graft prostheses to correct different scars that can be left by the previous submammary furrow.

What approaches are the most appropriate for correcting tubular breasts?

We consider that the most correct approach is the periareolar approach, since action must almost always have to betaken on the areola, whether to reduce or avoiding the herniation of the gland. Therefore, the part of the areola can be corrected and the breast prosthesis inserted to fill the lower part of the breast.

Can tuberous breasts be remodeled without using implants?

Sometimes the gland can be remodeled if it is sufficiently large and to correct both the herniations of the areola and the redistribution of the gland without putting a prosthesis in place by dividing the existing gland in radiuses. However, the most common situation is one where a breast implant is required to give the bottom of the breast (where there is the greatest need for an increase in volume) more volume.

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