Corporal beauty treatments

Beauty treatments: Improvement in body aesthetics


The aim of this treatment is to enable the skin to recover its natural qualities and perform the process of cell renewal, leaving the skin more receptive to subsequent moisturisation treatment.

Natural products such as oils and sludge with polyethylene spheres are used, products
that are applied by gentle massage to facilitate their penetration.


Chocotherapy has energising properties that stimulate endorphins (hormones that cause feelings of well-being and happiness). It also moisturises the skin, fights cellulite and eliminates tension, lethargy, fatigue and all symptoms of stress.

This therapy consists of wrapping the body with a light coating of hot chocolate and allowing it to act on the skin for 20 minutes. Then a massage with cocoa butter – if you want to moisturise the skin – and cacao flower oil is advisable if you prefer to firm it up or eliminate stretch marks.


Marine treatments improve the figure and produce a pleasant feeling of relaxation. The seaweed wrap acts as an anti-cellulite agent and activator of metabolism and cleanses, rehydrates and nourishes the skin, helping eliminate toxins and remodeling the silhouette.

It consists of the application of warm seaweed directly on the skin. Toxins are eliminated through perspiration, stimulating lymphatic circulation and remineralising the body.


Cellulitis is an accumulation of fatty tissue in certain parts of the body that forms adipose nodules of fat, water and toxins. Flaccidity causes a loss of firmness in the skin.

To combat these two changes, the Instituto Perez de la Romana combines chocolatherapy , seaweed wraps  and lymphatic drainage treatments.

These are known for their high tolerance and effectiveness. In general, they produce fewer allergies and are suitable for all kinds of skin, without exception.


Lymphatic drainage

The purpose of these massages is to stimulate the lymphatic system through gentle pressure applied with the hands. It is a parallel system to the circulatory system, which removes toxins and keeps the immune system in shape, that runs through our body and has a few key points called lymph nodes. At the Instituto Perez de la Romana, we recommend this type of massage for more effective and faster post-operative recovery.

Deep tissue massages

These are focused on the contracted area or where there is pain, removing any muscular “knots”. For the muscles, Deep tissue massages help restore elasticity and remove signs of tension. In terms of circulation, these massages activate the circulatory system and send oxygen to the tissue. They also provide the recipient with a feeling of relaxation, while also helping remove dead cells.

Relaxing massages

The fundamental and obvious benefit is that they relax the patient, tone the nervous system and reduce fatigue. It is a soft and delicate but firm massage movements with a harmonious rhythm and without any jerky movements, pleasant, even when working on spasms and muscle pain.



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