Fertility and nutrition.

Today, unfortunately, there has been a huge increase in the number of couples who want to have children and can not because of major problems in hormones, immunity, failure in implantation, the amount of contaminants, eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle.

To have greater fertility there are many things you can do, to hold finally in your hands a small treasure and a joy of your life.

The feeding system is fundamental for the couple that propose to have children, apart from having right habits of life and the hormonal system in order. When they are correct it will be much easier to conceive.

At the Instituto Perez de la Romana we have a very exhaustive, personalized fertility study organized in detail by professionals who are experts in the field, with which you will be able to achieve the goal you crave. All kinds of tests will be ordered, all the steps that the body needs to get pregnant will be reviewed, and a treatment will be planned to make your dream come true as soon as possible.

Menopause and Andropause

The Menopause

When women reach this stage of life it is important to have the hormonal system in order, because oestrogen help us to have softer and smoother skin and protect us from cardiovascular events. With right nutrition and balanced lifestyle we will have a healthy hormonal system at all stages of life.

In order to have a menopause without disorders, hot flashes and excess abdominal fat we will have to have good habits of life, a hormonal balance, metabolic flexibility and a balanced intestinal flora that will help us to overcome favourably this period of life.

The Andropause

Upon the arrival of andropause men begin to have less libido, sexual desire and prostate nd urination problems. Your testosterone levels, dhea and male and female hormones must be in a balance.  To do this you must practice sport, change the feeding style to have higher muscle mass content.

 Oestrogen despite being a hormone that is more related to women, is present in excessive amounts in many men, due to its poor elimination caused by intestinal dysbiosis (problems with intestinal flora) or bad habits in your diet and lifestyle as well as bad detoxification of the liver.

Therefore, it is important to help men to have a healthy andropause and  make them feel wonderfully at each stage of life. We can help you to have an enviable libido and delay as much as possible the effects of prostate hyperplasmia as well as to avoid related pathologies.



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