Personalized nutrition plan at the Instituto Pérez de la Romana seeks to introduce a healthy diet based on natural foods and absence of processed foods into the lifestyle of our patients. However, we always adapt it to modern living and the needs of each person.

We offer healthy, natural, tasty and balanced nutrition with a flexible, practical and attractive approach, taking into account the seasons and the food preferences of the patient, customising them to patient´s needs.

Improve your diet and feel more energy than ever.

During the nutritional treatment the patient is offered a personalized dietary program that includes review of his medical analyses, fortnightly or monthly monitoring of his food records, personalized recipes and menus, tips and recommendations related to his case.

Nutritional education consists in teaching how to eat properly according to the objectives that the patient wishes to manage: to adopt a healthy way of nutrition, correct wrong habits, and control the disease prevention.

What does it include?

  • Complete nutritional and clinical-dietary history
  • Physical examination and anthropometric measurements
  • Evaluation of diagnostic tests
  • Assessment of dietary intake and the correction of errors
  • Food tips and recommendations
  • Personalised menus with different options
  • Quick, simple and tasty recipes and culinary recommendations
  • Nutritional education

How are we going to work?

What will we do at the first consultation?
Duration: 1h

We will conduct a full assessment of your clinical and dietary history, reviewing any current or past health problems. Together, we will have a look at your nutritional habits and lifestyle and your diagnostic tests (biochemical analyses and other relevant medical tests, such as the nutrigenetic test), as well as your work schedule, activities schedule and other aspects of interest.

Later, we will establish the short- and long-term objectives you need and review your current diet in order to be able to improve it. After the interview, we will provide you with a nutritional guide, examples of healthier breakfast, lunch and snack options and nutritional tips, according to your objectives and your state of health.

What will we look at during the second consultation?
Duration: 45 minutes

Within no more than 2 weeks from the first consultation, we will provide you with your personalised menus, including recipes if you want them. These menus will be arranged according to your preferences (schedule availability, cooking time, tastes and skills, and even menus to eat out of home). We will also take a look at the first two weeks of your food diary and correct it, and resolve any doubts you may have at this stage.

How will we monitor your progress?
Follow-up visits: 30 minutes

At these visits, more doubts will be resolved and your progress and objectives achieved will be monitored, as will any improvement in symptoms and all matters related to your health. The duration of these visits will depend on the patient and the proposed objectives. We will also update the nutrition plan and you will be given the new menus (a different customised menu each week or a menu with options, if requested).



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