Rejuvenating facial mesotherapy

Using this technique we achieve extra hydration and a shinier, tighter and younger-looking skin.


Facial mesotherapy involves the application of very superficial microinjections of well-known substances, resulting in a deep moisturisation of the skin and, in doing so, helping prevent and treat skin aging, improving wrinkles and flaccidity, returning luminosity to the skin and revitalising the face as a whole. However, it can also be applied on the neck, chest and hands.

The substances used most are hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and vitamins which, when used together, help return hydration deep under the skin and help restore its luminosity, giving the skin a younger and tighter appearance. It is important to point out that it is not a replacement for a surgical facelift or treatments to restore volume: it is a treatment that offers gradual results when administered on a periodical basis and help slow down the aging of the skin, enabling the skin to retain its deep moisture.

It is the perfect treatment for returning support for the skin in a minimum of three sessions, depending on the prior assessment of then doctor, who will decide on the number of sessions required based on the progress and results of each patient.

It can also be applied to the neck, the neckline and the hands with excellent results.


Can I work after a mesotherapy session?

Of course: with most of our treatments, patients can resume their everyday lives (including employment) immediately. The only thing to which they should not be exposed in the first 24h is sport and the use of saunas and steam baths.

Can I present with some complication or other with this treatment?

Usually the only thing that patients present with are small irritations in the puncture areas and, in very few cases, a small hematoma, which may be concealed with make-up without any complications.



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