Breast Augmentation in the Institute Perez de la Romana

The breast surgery is the most practiced in the Institute Pérez de la Romana, augmentation operation is the most common. Breast Reduction is applied in cases of well-developed breasts or in cases of any other deformity of sagging breasts, asymmetrical breasts or disproportional shapes.

The Breast augmentation is the most famous operation which is performed in all plastic surgery centers. It is used for specially aesthetic reasons and to improve the psychological aspect of the person.

Breast deformity has various representations

It may be a simple Hipomastia simple. Hypomastia is the problem of poorly developed breasts, but at the same time it has symmetrical shape and normal appearance. There is a case of hypomastia with asymmetry. In such situation one breast has been developed in a normal way, and the other has not been developed at all. Undeveloped breasts with special shapes such as tubes, called “tubular breasts”, have very narrow tissues and expansion in the areola area. These breasts are similar to the form of a tube.

All these breast deformities usually occur in young women, and often cause serious complexes and decrease self-esteem. In some cases can even reduce women’s personal relationships.

Aumento de Senos en el Instituto Perez de la RomanaThe types of corrective surgery which we practice at the Institute Perez de la Romana:

1. The use of breast implants. As we know, the prosthesis may be filled with silicone gel or saline. Today there are all kinds of shapes and volumes of implants, which will adapt to any type and shape of breast.

2. The use of patient’s own fat to fill the breast in the way we want. This new treatment requires the person has enough fat to be sucked. Usually, we use such areas as abdomen, hips and thighs, in order to fill in the proper areas. This type of treatment is intended for persons with breast asymmetry. In case of that problem, we can infiltrate as much fat as necessary. Another advantage of this technique is that result is more natural.

These two treatments are very popular in the Institute of Perez de la Romana. The prostheses that we use are accepted by the Ministry of Health, the European Community and the American FDA.

hese interventions are performed under local anesthesia and sedation and usually last one or two hours. In several hours after operation, patient is able to go home. This procedure is not painful. Recovery period usually lasts one week.

The most frequent questions about Breast Augmentation are:

1. Will I be able to breastfeed my children, if I had fat prosthetic augmentation?
Yes. This procedure doesn’t alter mammary gland because prosthesis and fat are placed in different areas of the mammary gland.

2. f I had tumor or cyst, is it possible for radiologists to detect and control it?
Yes, tumors are found in the places of glands and in the area where prosthesis and fat are situated.

3. How long should I be on sick leave?
Usually, only one week and then you can come back to your daily routine.

4. Is this intervention hurtful?
It does not hurtful. Only when the prosthesis is placed under the pectoral muscle, it may disturb the patient during the first three or four days. This problem is solved with analgesic which prescribes surgeon.

5. When can I drive?
Usually, in a week after operation, when the dressing is removed, depending on the recovery period of the patient.

6. When can I go to the gym?
Usually, in one month of the intervention.

7. When can I sunbathe?
With uncovered breast only in six months or one year. It is obligatory to use sunscreen lotion on the scars.


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