Operación Bikini

Year after year, the dreaded moment of the bikini operation comes. If this year the confinement has disrupted your diet and exercise plans, there is still a solution to achieve the desired shape.

At the Pérez de la Romana Institute we have the latest and the most innovative and effective body remodelling techniques, with maximum safety.

Because 100% customized approach lies in the success of the treatments we offer, searching for the most suitable procedure, with which to get the best results to help you to be in a great shape this summer.

BodyTite is the medical platform acting on the basis of Radio Frequency Assisted Lipolysis (RFAL) that has revolutionized the world of Cosmetic Surgery. This technology allows to remove localized excess fat and retract the skin at the same time thanks to microcanulas containing two electrodes at their ends and enabling the radiofrequency waves that are transmitted through the skin. Working at various levels, on the one hand it definitively reduces the fatty deposits achieving the lipolysis effect and on the other hand, retains the skin making it smoother and firmer.

Post-operative: To help complete skin retraction, the compressive garments have to be worn for one month.

Time: The duration of the intervention can be from 1 till 2 hours, depending on each case.

Sessions: Usually with one session is enough, but in very rare cases there can be need to repeat the same procedure six months after the first intervention.

Results: The effect can last for many years, depending on lifestyle and genetics of the patient.

Downtime: You can incorporate into  your daily life between 3 and 7 days.

We leave you this link to the video of the BodyTite technique with the photos of the real-life cases of Dr. Pérez de la Romana.


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