Labioplasty – Genital Rejuvenation

During the last years, demand for this type of surgery in the consultants of Plastic Surgeons has been considerable increased. This type of surgery doesn’t consist of a single intervention , it includes different corrections that can be performed in the external genitalia of women , such as correction of labia minora (inner lips) , which is the most frequent problem, excessive protuberance of the labia majora, prominent clitoris or pubis because of accumulation of fat .

We think that the factors which have greatly influenced on the demand for this surgery is the new fashion to shave the pubic hair and the ease with which shaved pubis of anonymous naked women are demonstrated in internet. The main reason come to the consultation is patient’s self-esteem. The observation of deformed genitals gives them embarrassment or shame to put off the clothes in front of other friends in gyms and sports centers and even with your partner.

On the other hand some women often feel pain and discomfort when they put on close-fitting clothes or sports clothes and they also have problems and discomfort in sexual relationships. Because of all of these reasons, this surgical technique is able to improve functioning and aesthetic aspect of external genitalia of woman.
Labioplastia - Rejuvenecimiento Genital - Instituto Perez de la Romana
The most popular intervention is correction of protruding labia minora (inner lips).It is a simple procedure under local anesthesia and sedation. This operation consists of elimination of excess skin of the inner lips. This method makes it looks more natural and inner lips don’t protrude over labia majora. This type of intervention is often associated with the recession of the clitoral hood which is usually well developed. This method can make physical appearance of the external genitalia more balanced.

When labias majora are highly developed due to excessive fat or even when pubic mound is highly developed we perform a mini liposuction in all that area making it much more appropriate.

In other cases we only apply the liposuction of pubic mound when the external genitalia is normal. Sometimes, we have to use the extracted fat from pubic mound for elderly people when the labias majora are very flabby and have sagging skin. The purpose of all this procedure is to rejuvenate the appearance of the external genitalia and in that way to raise the level of self-esteem. There are women who have had repeated births and even some birth traumas which have damaged the vaginal muscles. In these cases, vagine is very wide and often there are problems of urinary retention and sexual dissatisfaction. In this situation, surgery uses Vaginoplasty or correction of vaginal muscles.

All these interventions are of short duration and performed under local anesthesia and sedation, in some cases also with epidural anesthesia.
The duration of these interventions is not long, usually just several hours and the recovery period lasts few days.
The result is always very satisfactory and then our patients have physical and emotional improvement and the raise of their self-esteem.


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