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Lipofiling is one of the new techniques in the esthetic surgery. It consists of removal of fat from some parts of the bodyand then its injection into other parts where it is necessary. The main object of this operation is to correct different body parts which have deteriorated over time or have “deflated” because of the aging of the tissues.

This method is most applied for such body zones as:

Lipofiling - Instiuto Perez de la Romana1. Facial and cheekbone zones, nasolabial folds are the folds ranging from nose to the mouth, around the mouth and lips, the eyelids, the area of the cheeks and temple area. Also to enhance chin and jaw. This method is used to improve all faces which have suffered from premature aging or with the lapse of time have been deteriorated. It is possible to associate these techniques to face- lift.

2. Breast, especially for empty or hypotrophic breast after pregnancy and lactation or due to the pass of time and weight loss. The injection of fat from the body of the patient can improve the appearance of the breast in volume and external appearance of the skin because of the mother cells which produce tissue regeneration. The same situation occurs on the face. It greatly improves the external appearance of the skin.

3. Gluteal region where the total volume has been decreased with years or because of the weight loss is possible to use the filling from the fat of the patient. This technique can also be made with silicone implant but it will be much better united with lipofilling in order to conceal edges of the prosthesis.

4. It is also possible to use lipofiling in other parts of the body that need to be refilled after trauma or injury that has deformed the body shape.

This technique has changed almost fifteen years ago when it was first used. Earlier no fat filtration was made and marco injections of the fat were applied, which was reabsorbed in most cases. Today this technique has totally changed.

Technical changes are:

1. Fat aspiration is carried out under low pressure to avoid the damage of the fat cells and stem cells.

2.The preparation of the fat is carried out with special equipment where the fay is centrifuged, decanted, and finally fat is clean from plasmatic liquids that are discarded.

3. The fat injection is done with very small syringes in order to make microinjections of fat, and this is the key to ensure that the fat cells will be grafted and will survive. In that way 70 or 80% will be alive and take root forever.

Contraindications or complications:

The only contraindication that we have to make the treatment of Lipofilings is that the patient has fat. Fat is usually extracted from the hips, abdomen, inner thighs and the inside part of the knees. To evade any complications the operation must be done by a qualified plastic surgeon who performs in an operating room with all asepsis measures in order to prevent any infection during fat manipulation.


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